Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Holy crap

The bf reminded me that yesterday was the three week mark until we leave for India. Hopefully my passport is in the mail back to me complete with a visa! Unlike the U.S. visa process where unless you are quite old or quite young you have to appear in person even for a tourist visa, I merely popped my passport in the mail with what proved to be yet another horrible passport photo of myself, the application and fee, and my passport is supposed to return to me in the mail in approximately one week. I haven't packed, shopped, or really done much for the trip except buy Best of all... only eleven more days of work!!

Oh yeah... still working on that immigration post. I've been working in the field for 3 years, I have a lot to say. :)


mba_salsera said...

Nice! Time is going to fly by this summer. Have fun on your travels. I am so jealous...if I didn't have a house to sell and tenants to deal with I would so be traveling from now until August!

Achilles said...

All the best for your surely will be a fun!!