Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Boston nostalgia

I am in the midst of my last full week of work. My roommate asked me if I was having any "last meals" or other such events in Boston this week. I had not really considered this and decided I don't intend to be sappy and visit the last sites, etc. I have hit a few favorite spots in the past month but for the most part, I will really miss the people, not the places. A few things I enjoy and will possibly miss:

Cambridge 1 in Harvard Square, Upper Crust in Beacon Hill and Pizzeria Regina in the North Enf: delicious pizza.

The crazy Chinese man who sits a park bench from spring through fall saying hello to everyone, clapping when you respond and sometimes throwing in a "happy today!"

Walking to work.

My wine budget (no salary = no wine) and having three bountiful stores around the various corners of my apartment.

Newbury Street- for people watching.

The Common and the Gardens.

Having an airport 30 minutes from my front door.

As a related list here are my favorite Boston quirks:

There are at least five Beacon Streets in and around Boston. None of them connect.
The silver line goes underground in a one lane tunnel. But it's not a subway, it's a bus.
It is almost impossible to get an apartment in Beacon Hill with straight floors.
The accent of the natives.
Hollywood inspirations like The Departed and Boston Legal.
Weatherman Al Kaprielian.
Did I mention the accent?

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