Monday, April 23, 2007

post-Georgetown admitted students weekend

It can be said that I am officially at the alpha stage of my b school experience. I took this photo during the campus tour portion of Georgetown's admitted students weekend. [Side note- Georgetown, being a Jesuit institution is full of Catholic and Christian symbols. I'm comfortable with this but outside influences on your chosen school are definitely something to research, whether it's Catholicism or state government budget cuts.] My Team 3 (which included another Boston area admit!) took the prize of Georgetown hats for the most creative collection of photos. I credit my contribution to the team to being a camp counselor for three summers. That can be categorized under "things I took off my resume but become useful in random situations." Friday included a welcome speech, a faculty panel, a mock class, a campus tour, lunch with faculty, current students and staff, a careers talk, a student presentation (oh I wish there were you tube clips of that hilarity,) dinner with a group of fellow prospectives and current students, then a social at a private club on M Street. It was exhausting. I think I semi-randomly ended up spending most of my time with the few international students that made it to the open house. At one point I was talking to my Icelandic classmate about paintball in Iceland while my bf was advising a Japanese couple on the Chinatown bus services along the east coast. I met a lot of really cool and interesting people and had a few inevitable encounters where the conversation died after 45 seconds. Overall I'm excited about my classmates and how their experiences will contribute to a positive classroom experience.

In related news I have had the sitemeter on my blog for about a month now. A "Georgetown and bars and MBA" google search is officially my favorite referral to my site.

I skipped the Saturday activities in favor of sleeping in and relaxing. The rest of my weekend was filled with family, sun, daiquiris and good food such as the delicious Maryland crab cake I had for lunch yesterday.
I am begrudgingly back at work today. It is 85 degrees and sunny outside. As 5:30 tolls I will be sprinting out the door!

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ipoel said...

aww too bad we won't see each other at UCLA.. but congrats on georgetown :)