Saturday, April 14, 2007

Let's start at the very beginning, A very good place to start

Last year I applied for master's degree programs in development studies. It was year two of my job and time to decide whether I was going to stay or try something different. I was pretty confident I wanted to work in international development or for a non-profit but I was unclear on how to get there. I half-heartedly applied to master's degree programs, was rejected, and when offered a promotion at work I decided to stay on another year. During this time I first examined the possibility of an MBA. I was lucky to have a colleague who had also whole-heartedly rejected law school and was studying for the GMAT. At a law firm professional advice regarding business school is scare, but I am lucky enough to have a few relatives who served as good resources. I familiarized myself with the GMAT, and formed a preliminary list of schools based on internet research. Then I made a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet evolved over the months, was put on google docs and shared so that my bosses, family and bf could access it, and included a lot of info including: location, deadline, application fee, interview date, tuition, average GMAT score, average GPA, years experience, class size, number of applicants, average age, % female, and % international.

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