Monday, April 9, 2007

Georgetown admits dinner

Last week I attended a dinner for the Boston area admitted students. Most of us had not sent in our checks yet but the forecast for ultimate attendance was positive. One of the common denominators was a love of travel and several people at the dinner started to plan a South America ski trip! Overall it was a great group of people and I am very excited to meet more classmates in April. I heard something about a photo scavenger hunt during the open house...

I met up with an old friend from London today who is now at the Kennedy School. We had an interesting conversation about HBS and the type of individual that program attracts. She said the atmosphere was very similar to the university in London we both attended where an elbowing your way up, hiding books, shallow mentality prevailed. There seems to be a lot of expensive partying and showmanship, at least among the set that my friend is acquainted with. I do not actually know anyone at HBS, but many individuals I know from the college and other grad schools at Harvard seem to have the same opinion of the b school students.

We also touched on the related subject of what I like to refer to as the "H bomb." My friend experienced a marked negative shift in attitude from friends and acquaintances of her youth by dropping the H bomb (Harvard) in her small hometown in a large European country. Internationally there is one school and only one school that is recognized by almost anyone. If someone can name a U.S. school, it's Harvard. That level of brand is arguable unmatched by any other ivy league university in the country.

That's all for now. Only 30 (ish) more days of work!

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