Wednesday, April 25, 2007


An article in my Onion weekly dispatch gave me a flashback to my interview with the Cambridge dean. :-)

In other news, I am currently working on obtaining travel insurance and a visa for my India trip. My fellow bloggers, many of whom are from India, have started writing about their visa process. I hope to publish soon on that topic as well as a bit on what happens after you graduate. Poking through the business week forum yesterday (yeah, yeah, I know I swore I never go on that thing but a link to info on Georgetown hooked me) I noticed a LOT of confusion about H-1B visas. I am holding firm to my personal policy of not posting on the forum, but I will post what I hope to be helpful immigration advice here, where I can moderate comments!


icy said...

Looking fwd to your post about the H1B issues post graduation for international MBA's. It's really been a worrying thought lately, and would be great to hear from someone who's actually in this business :)

The Indian Alchemist said...

Thanx for ur advice on bank loan for proof of funds. I am waiting for I-20..Will approach a bank to get the loan..

Take care..