Thursday, March 15, 2007

I'm Jamey: People come to me for the TRUTH

My techie friend suggested the above as a topic for my blog, which I found amusing yet appropriate.

Example 1:
It all started one drunken evening when Dartmouthfriend1 asked me what I thought of her relationship. Now, this individual and I are not that close. We do not hang out on a one-on-one basis and we do not count each other in the ranks of confidantes. But I like her so even in my hazy state I managed to restrain myself from saying all the horrible things I had bottled up for a whole year! I did manage to politely make a few comments before downing the rest of my craptastic beer and running away to find my roommate. Really though, I am known within the group for telling it like it is. Why would you ask me what I thought about your relationship unless on some level you wanted the absolute horrible truth?

Example 2:
Out with friends, talking about moving this summer, end up chatting a lot with Dartmouthfriend2 who works for large multinational consulting firm and is currently doing an externship at a non-profit. She actively solicits advice on her approaching b school application process. We had an excellent discussion on the benefits to her career going to a program like Yale, over trying to returning to Dartmouth. Techie friend's favorite quote from me: "Say it with me... no Hanover New Hampshire, no Hanover New Hampshire"

Example 3:
Out with same extended group, talking to an ibanker about business school. After chit chat about work, the usual... He then asks whether I think he should move to London or change sectors to strengthen his application. I reply that as a white male ibanker he's going to have to work pretty hard to differentiate himself. Or just ace the GMAT. :-)

I find it amusing that my advice has been so actively solicited in the past few weeks. I had not even noticed until it was pointed out to me but now I will let it feed my ego a little and laugh quite a bit.

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