Tuesday, March 20, 2007

package from the 7th oldest university in the world

My Cambridge "offer" arrived today. In typical old school British fashion, it is a conditional offer. In this case conditioned on me paying a large deposit and proving I can pay the rest. It is also conditioned on being accepted to a college. After paying a deposit of 2800 GBP, the Judge School then undertakes the charge of finding a place at a college for you. Many MBA students are shuffled off into the lesser colleges. As most of the important MBA resources are focused within the Judge School itself this is not really a huge concern but merely an annoyance. Oxford and Cambridge need modern makeovers so badly. It is truly to JBS' credit that they have managed to climb the ranks of MBA programs while existing within a larger university system that is so firmly stuck in the 19th century. Paper applications, some dorm rooms with no internet access!
Cambridge and Oxford are both beautiful old British towns with alumni networks to induce envy. As I will at the very least be visiting Cambridge in the fall, I will certainly keep all the great tourist brochures I received from the admissions office!

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