Monday, March 26, 2007

Mean Girls and B school advice

There's a scene in Mean Girls where Lindsay Lohan's character Cady Heron is sitting behind her crush Aaron Samuels in calculus class and attempting to get Aaron to pay more attention to her by pretending she doesn't understand what is going on with the lesson. Aaron turns around and starts "explaining" the problem to Cady, however he doesn't really understand the lesson. The movie lets us into Cady's internal side of the dialogue- "Wrong. He was so wrong." To Aaron she merely smiles and says "Thanks... I get it now."

This scene reminds me of when supervisors and other well meaning, more educated and experienced acquaintances offer business school advice that I consider to be... well, wrong. The advice is often outdated, not relevant to me, or simply really, really wrong. With some personal and professional relationships it is not worth having an adversarial conversation about the value or accuracy of the information. Instead I let my internal monologue remind me that the advice is "wrong, so wrong," thank the individual for the input, and go on my way.


mba_salsera said...

That made me laugh! My boyfriend says things sometimes that I really just want to laugh at but I just smile and thank him for the advice. There's no reason to argue at this point. He's just wrong, so wrong!

Boywonder said...

I completely agree. Many people disagreed with my selection of schools. "why would you apply to Yale" they said. "An MBA is only worth it if you go to H/W/S." There’s no point arguing with these long as you have your reasons, that plenty enough.

Continental Drift said...

That is sooo true. I can't tell you how many times people have told me "Go only to a top 10 school, otherwise it is just not worth it etc. etc" And rather than point out the flaws in the reasoning, I just smile and say thank you.

All the best to you in Georgetown! The program sounds very exciting and I will be applying there next year.