Thursday, March 29, 2007


I am working on a post outlining my application choices and the reasons why I am or am not attending each school. However, I am just too freaking tired. H-1Bs are consuming my life. Also my arms hurt as I got all of my vaccinations for my India trip today. I admit the last part is just whining a bit. What was kind of funny was when the nurse giving me the vaccinations also gave me a print out about India "risks". Some of it she's basically medically required to give me. Regional risks re: malaria, etc. The rest was kind of amusing regarding crime, safety issues, etc. She gave the info to me and then sort of breezed over it after I tilted my head and put on my best "Really?" look. At least I had something to read while I waited for my prescriptions.

The nurse was from Slovenia and spoke unaccented English so I made the assumption that she came to the US a bit earlier than high school. She asked how I chose India with a slightly incredulous look/tone and shared that she didn't think she could do it. The tone, coupled with the facial expression reminded me of a friend who immigrated from Russia with his family during his elementary school years. We went out to brunch last weekend and over a delicious South End meal we discussed how he just knew he did not want to deal with the discomfort that would accompany a visit to India. Even a few days of digestive adjustment, combined with the heat was too much. After receiving almost the same reaction from my nurse today it made me wonder- do both my nurse and my friend have residual childhood discomfort issues? My nurse used the phrase "post-dramatic stress syndrome" loosely to describe how her childhood moving around and stress before moving to the U.S. affects her now. Of course this is all anecdotal evidence but it is interesting to explore.

Back to H-1Bs... I will provide some educational and entertaining links regarding the H-1B nonimmigrant status:

H1Bees soundclips
Article in my local paper about the H-1Bs

Ok, those were all entertainment links. One of the attorneys introduced me to the group when they first came out in 2005. Now here's some educational information:
More CIS

Thank goodness I only have to deal with a few more days of this. 40 more days of work- it's like my own personal Lent!


Achilles said...


the title of your post brought me to your blog....actually i am in US becuase of the same thing associated with your title :) and yeah i am from india.

From your post i couldn't exactly makeout as to why are you travelling there. But believe me it will be a completely new experience and certainly the one you will treasure.
Yeah, you can say that i am saying all this because its my country but i believe life is all about experiences, and india certianly will give you many :)
yeah food you will have to take care of, i mean in india food is a bit spicy but if you eat at good resturants that shouldn't be a problem.
I really you have a nice trip and nice experiences there and do keep us posted, and let me know if you want to know anything. Thanks

Achilles said...

and yeah dont worry about any diseases and all, you will not get them, always drink water from sealed mineral water bottles, thats the only precaution you need to take. yeah it will be hot this time in india, but depends on which city you are going

RamK said...

like my fellow posters here mentioned, the trip to India will me memorable one..the people, the places, the diversity and their friendliness (sometimes a little too much) towards tourists. Even if you get sick with food or water, help is always there. heat will be an issue for the first few days but your body will tune to it. Just keep yourself hydrated. Of course drink only bottled water from good stores. India is so unique that you can never compare this experience to any other. Please post your experiences and pictures.

Will be of help if you need more info.

HairTwirler said...

Achilles- Great user name btw. I'm going to India to be a tourist. I decided to quit my job and take the summer off before b school and I have been interested in going to Asia for a few years now. India topped my list due to nothing more than personal interest.

ramk- thanks for the advice, I will definitely post photos later in the summer when I get back

Forrest Gump said...

have fun in India, and definitely write about your will definitely make up for a good read for all of us.

Achilles said...

hmm, As a tourist...that is great then...if you need any kind of help u can mail me..i have my whole family there:)
btw: you also have a good user name, hairtwirler..