Friday, March 9, 2007

Globalization (Globalisation?)

Dealing with online bookings can be a royal pain if the website isn't working. Before I placed the call to customer service to attempt to book my India tickets I was chatting with the bf and mentioned that my customer service call was bound to either go to the southern part of the U.S. or India. Sure enough when I dialed the number I was soon connected to India. The customer service rep requested my beginning city and my end destination. He had to confirm my destination three times because he was not used to hearing "Delhi" on the American customer service line. My experience in London and working in an immigration law firm has made me attune to different accents. Both the booking agent and I had a good giggle over the fact that he was based in Delhi and I was booking tickets to Delhi. His comment: "I'm so used to hearing local America airports I didn't think I heard you correctly- you can understand my accent OK?!" Of course I could and we proceeded to explore the ticket options. I also got a bit of excellent local advice about my travels. All in all I'm glad my call was routed to India. I had a random conversation regarding western versus eastern values on dress and the independence of women and received friendly free tourism tips.

In more serious news, I may have the opportunity this weekend to work with the immigrants who were arrested locally earlier this week in a raid by the CIS. Some have been separated from their U.S. born children (most of these people were released) and others have already been shipped off to Texas detention centers. The employers in this case are clearly to blame. The CIS admits that it targeted this particular facility due to the fact that it was egregiously violating immigration laws as well as minimum wage laws. Therefore, the illegal immigrants who are the most desperate, who cannot be choosy enough to hide in the shadows and buy fancy fake documentation and work in an establishment that always pays minimum wage are the most vulnerable to being deported back to the same poor conditions they fled from.

All in all, I give globalization two thumbs up this week. The CIS, as usual, gets a C-. It only ranks that high because it indirectly has given me a good job. I am quite passionate about what I do, and how I participate in the fruition of so many American Dreams. I hope my future employment will be as satisfying.


Sudha said...

its nice to hear somthing good about the infamous Indian call-centers! :)

Gary said...

hey there, I was going through a bunch of blogs, and came across yours. Read that you intend to go to Georgetown. Are you planning to go to the admit student day in late March? I am an admit myself, and will make my way out there to see everything in person. You can reach me at