Thursday, February 1, 2007

More Cambridge

I received a very nice email from the Director of Admission at Cambridge today expressing displeasure at my experiences with Judge thus far. This was based on a brief email I sent to my assigned representative in the admissions office expressing... negative feelings... towards Judge based on my interview.

Boston MBA Fair: Met two lovely marketing reps from the admissions office who were very friendly and helpful in providing information. However, never heard from them again.

Interview: Application was received by Cambridge on October 15th, I interviewed with the Dean who happened to be in NYC on December 2nd. The interview went as well as it could have gone considering the Dean gave me the distinct impression that I was not qualified and the adcom was making him do the interview. He wanted to talk about my F on an econometrics exam 4 years ago rather than my managerial experience. The rest of the interview roamed in feeling from mildly offensive to unhelpful.

Student interaction: Despite repeated requests to the admissions office to be put in touch with current students I had to search out this student via an LBS blogger. The student was very nice and helpful in answering my questions and was very positive about her experience at Cambridge.

Why do I even care? The BF will be at Cambridge and with a ding from LBS, this is my last chance of studying in Her Majesty's kingdom. We'll see how the wait goes!

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