Tuesday, February 6, 2007

interview questions

I was posting about my interviews on a forum for my alma mater and realized my posting fits nicely into my blog as well!

...For the Yale interview it was a "tell your story" type of questioning. The interviewer did not have my application in front of her (she was a 2nd year, but this was luck of the draw, both 2nd years and admissions reps were interviewing). The main focus at the beginning of the interview was tell me a little about yourself, with a transition into why an mba, why the mba now. If you are given the opportunity to just speak at the beginning of the interview, I would take that time to answer those fundamental questions as part of your opening story. The phrase "tell me your story" was used by interviewers for at least 4 schools (UCLA, Yale, IESE, Notre Dame). The Yale interview focused mainly on my resume and why specifically Yale, and then allowed plenty of time for me to ask questions at the end of the interview. This is always an excellent time to show your knowledge of the school.

The next focus after why the MBA, why now, is why THAT school. It seems obvious, but have very specific programs or details about the school at your disposal to work into your "why THIS MBA" answer.

Other questions:

Theme: team work/ leadership
- Have you ever lead a team?
- Describe a challenge in a leadership position either in or outside of work and how you handled the challenge.
- Describe your typical role on teams.
- Describe what specific strengths you bring to a team.

Theme: career
- What is your dream job/ career goal/ business plan for immediately after you graduate? 10 years after b school?
- How will your work experience help you in your future career?
- What will b school contribute to your career goals?

Theme: Strength/ weakness
- What strengths and experience will you contribute to the program? (VERY common)
- What is your biggest weakness?
- How have your worked to fix/ overcome your weakness?
- What would others describe as your strengths?

- Business case study on Starbucks- what business do you see for Starbucks in the next ten years. (Not typical, but interesting.)
- What great leader would you like to meet and what would you ask him or her?

Also, noting in your profile that you are a 23 year old '05, I would be very prepared to answer and argue the point why now. I was told I was a bit young by several interviewers and adapted my opening to cover that issue.


Balaji.P.B said...

Interesting blog article. I have included a link to your blog in mine. I hope it is okay with you. Thanks again fro sharing the information.

prashant said...

Can you please email me at prashantmail at gmailcom so that I can ask a few questions.

Congrats on all your acceptances.!