Wednesday, January 31, 2007

UCLA and money

I sent an email to UCLA today requesting info about merit based aid. I received a nice form email in response:

For fellowships (i.e. scholarships), please note that we make awards on a rolling basis throughout the admissions season, depending on who else has been admitted and who accepts our offers. We will let you know directly if you get selected for a fellowship at any point.
We generally offer merit fellowships to the top 20% or so of the incoming class, based on the overall strength of the applications in terms of academics, leadership, career achievements, expected contribution to the school, etc. Last year, for example, fellowship winners had an average GMAT of 730 [check] and their previous management experience usually spanned several years. [almost] Such students come here and enhance the experience of us all.
Other sources of funding do exist, and there are loan programs even for people without a U.S. co-signer. The team in the Financial Aid office has more details, and you can learn more from them after visiting their website at:
Also, second-year fellowships are awarded based on contributions in and out of the classroom during the first year. There are some research- and teaching-assistantships which second-year students often use to supplement their funding too. These positions are filled by the professors after they have the chance to get to know the first-year students on campus.
Please let us know in MBA Admissions if there is anything else we can do to help.
UCLA Anderson MBA Admissions
You may request a fellowship in writing and send via fax: 310-825-8582 or Your application will be evaluated.

I enjoyed how they tacked on a random "You may request a fellowship in writing and send via fax..." at the end of the email. Should I send a one page fax stating "Please give me a fellowship. Thanks, Jamey"?? I am still in the Georgetown camp for now, but I want all the information in front of me before I send in my forms and pay my deposit.

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