Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Saying no is so hard to do.

I officially declined IESE and Notre Dame last week. Although I was offered a full tuition scholarship to Notre Dame, I decided that I need to live in a city for my MBA. Also, I do not ultimately want to end up in the Midwest, where many of Notre Dame's career opportunities are. As fabulous as IESE would be, they are offering me no money, and the name recognition in the United States is not to an LBS level.

I also re-visited Yale with my visiting boyfriend. This visit cemented my lack of positive sentiment for "the Have" aka New Haven. The b school is in a beautiful part of campus with modern, comprehensive facilities. However, I still prefer the offerings and international focus of the Georgetown program. Yale does a nice international field trip during your first year. Georgetown has all second years participate in an international consulting project and present the results to the company as part of a trip abroad.

Shutting doors is a bit painful, but after Friday I have pretty much come to my final decision. The final count:
IESE: Accepted, no money
Notre Dame: Accepted, full tuition
University of Maryland: Accepted, money decision pending
UCLA: Accepted, money decision pending
Yale: Accepted, no money

On Friday I went to a Women in Business Forum at Georgetown. The event featured a student fair, talks by the Dean, the head of student affairs, the head of career services, the head of admissions, tours and lunch with a talk by an alumna. The day allowed me to talk to quite a few students and spend time viewing the facilities and campus. The b school is currently located in the Car Barn between M and Prospect streets, but will move to a new facility in the center of campus for the 2008-9 school year. The car barn happens to be located next to the Exorcist stairs, for a bit of historical entertainment.

When I returned to my parents' in northern Virginia after the event on Friday I had an email from Georgetown waiting for me. I got in and I got a full ride! I refuse to fully believe it until I receive my official package, but the email was quite clear in its terms. Given this turn of events I have decided to attend Georgetown. It has always been my favorite program stateside as far as academic offerings, extra-curricular opportunities and location. It feels weird but SO GOOD to be done with everything and have a decision!!!
So I'll add this to my list:
Georgetown: Accepted, full tuition


Sally said...

Congrats! I was at the Women in Business Forum too and am accepted to the Fall. After Friday and with the offer they made me I am definitely going to accept!

I wonder if we talked on Friday?

Juggler said...

Congratulations! Although it's coming really late:-)

Sankar said...

Congrats.I too have been accepted at Georgetown. Would love to hear about your visit experience.

HairTwirler said...

I'll try to post more about my visit. Sally/Sankar- I can't access your profile (if you have one) email me jamey1 at gmail dot com.
I will probably post more about the visit at some point...

Also, have either of you found active Georgetown bloggers? I can't find any!