Monday, January 15, 2007


My first two b school interviews were voluntary, so I will somewhat lump them together for the sake of brevity.

I signed up for an interview with an admissions rep from Georgetown when she visited for the Forte Foundation's event in Boston. We met at a hotel lobby, which I read and found to be standard operating procedure. The particular hotel was unfortunate in that it had a rather small sitting area in the way of hotel people traffic coming in and out of the hotel. The actual interview was formal but relaxed. As I was interviewing before I applied the conversation was mostly based on my work experience and a discussion of my resume, managerial experience, and the usual questions on challenges at my job and how I handled them. As Georgetown focuses on international management and applicants with a global perspective, a unique question was if you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be. We moved naturally into this topic as we had already been speaking of my previous travels and work experience abroad. The conversation lasted approximately a half hour.

My interview with the University of Maryland was with an admission representative. He was serving as the representative at the September 2006 World MBA fair and did an interview at a hotel lobby. As with the Georgetown interview, I replied immediately and received my preferred interview time slot. I had a bit of luck in that the admissions rep had conducted an info session on campus that I attended in April 06. The interview took about a half hour and took place immediately before the MBA fair began, so we had a bit more time after we finished the official part of the interview to chat about Boston (he had previously worked at Harvard) and the University of Maryland in general. One of the questions was if you could have dinner with one great leader, who would it be. We also did a type of case study. With the luck that seemed to follow me through the entire interview, the case study question dealt with Starbucks. That fine institution has been the recipient of too much of my money in exchange for caffeine, my drug of choice. I was asked to describe strengths of the business model and any challenges I could identify.

When the bf visits I will take him to Yale for the day and see if it is reasonable for us to live in New Haven. At least there is a Five Guys a few miles away!


Ashwyn said...

Hey! Just read (on your blog) that you were accepted at IESE. Congratulations! I have on my study group a para-legal from the US too, so if there's something you wanna ask her, I could put you two in touch..


Sriram said...

I just hit on your Blog during my research on Georgetown. As a prospective Georgetown student I find it highly informative and it would be great if you could help me know more about the school.