Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Accepted, now what?

As my first few b school acceptances are now firmly in hand, I will return to the world of blogging. Since 2005 my life has been either a) not interesting enough to write about or b) too busy to leave time for blogging. I feel I have moved safely into the realm of "killing time in my job before quitting for business school" and so I will rejoin the rank and file on blogspot.

A little background on my process:

I researched schools and started attending events in September 2005. I narrowed my list (but edited it frequently) up through September 2006. I took the GMAT in August 2006 (no class, lots of different books, did well.) Applied all first round to 8 different schools:
University of Maryland
Notre Dame
I did volunteer interviews for two of the schools (Georgetown and Maryland) and was invited to interview at the others. I was not really expecting this as I considered several on the list to be stretch schools. However, now that I have been accepted to IESE, I think I might have over done it a bit with the applications. I have a clear ranking in my head of preferences, but only in the "if everything cost the same" sense. Money is a big issue for me, as I currently have none and want to enter a non-profit sector upon graduation.

I will continue posting advice and more about my decisions as I receive them!


R said...

Hi Hair Twirler! I came across your blog while surfing clear admit. I had a couple of questions, i'm struggling a little with my GMATs and wanted to know a couple of things a) do you have an idea of what score i should be shooting for and b) what books you used to study? Thanks!!

HairTwirler said...


What score you should aim for depends on what schools you apply to of course! The highest you can get being the best answer.